No Neatpicking.


It’s all about me.|自己中で行きます。


I’m blogging for me.

Me me me me me me me

Me me me me me.

(Inspired by The Selfish Seamstress haiku)


(1) I herein create “No Neatpicking” blog to be my free space to help me overcome my half-baked perfectionista* mindset.
*I reserve the right to believe there is in fact such thing as a half baked perfectionista regardless of how oxymoronic that sounds.

(2) I will post my musings on sewing, upcycling, body image, linguistic matters, Christianity and other topics hereinafter referred to as “whatever I please”, on times I feel like it, am neither tired or busy hereinafter referred to as “whenever I please”. I will not judge myself for procrastination even if this very post is going to be the last one on this blog to make it officially the fastest blog-die-off in my personal history of blog neglecting.

(3) Given 2 applies, I will post in my non-native English and will not judge myself for typos, bad grammar and lack as well as overdose of whimsy. I will pat me on my beefy back for making an effort to practice my written English instead.

(4) Given 2 applies and 3 just won’t do it, I will also post stuff in Japanese and will not judge myself for misspelled kanji and otherwise imperfect writing skills. I will pat me on my oh too broad for most Japanese ready to wear clothes back for being the multilingual smartass I am.

(5) I will not post in my native Russian unless it is someone else’s stuff with self-explanatory pictures. I will remember my poor Russian orphan and ambitious burnout.

(6) Language choice of the posts will be made mostly based on who the post is written for. English translations for the posts and comments written in Japanese will not be provided unless all three of members of Me, Myself and I committee consider it worthy of targeting a multilingual aditorium* and/or my work is properly financed by the requestor. The same goes for English into Japanese routine.

I will not judge myself for being selfish and/or unthoughtful. I will pat me on my ever stiff back for providing people with opportunities to learn that sometimes a person wants to say things that will only make sense put into certain language and that even if the person can speak several languages it does not in any case mean the said person is obliged to dub own internet content in every language the person speaks.

*In case translation is deemed necessary by the committee, I reserve the right to exercise my mentioned above linguistic snobbery by making the translation more of a text written in target language rather than a word-for-word translation of the source.

(7) I will love the Lord and my internet neighbor the best I can while taking proper care of myself, cherish my self-esteem and emotional health in order to be able to perform the former two activities long term.

(8) I will not neat-pick on me.


① 管理者は、本ブログを自分のフリースペースとして作成し、自分の中途半端な完璧主義から脱出するために活用する。

② 本ブログにおける投稿はソーイング、アップサイクリング、ボディーイメージ、自己評価、言語、キリスト教など、統一感を追求することなく好き勝手に書き、また投稿の頻度や完成度は完全に自分次第で行う。

③ 本ブログの発信言語は管理者の非母語である日本語か英語のいずれかで行う。

④ 母語であるロシア語では極力投稿しない。

⑤ 投稿の原語選択は想定読者を中心に、自分の独断と偏見で行う。

⑥ 管理者自身が対訳をつけたいと考えた場合又は妥当な賃金を与えられた場合を除き、投稿やコメントの対訳依頼に一切応じない。


⑦ 本ブログにおいては主とインターネット上の隣人を愛することに努めるとともに、自分のケアをしっかりし、健全な自己評価育成に努め、燃え尽きることなく長期的に愛の行動を行える自分を育む。

⑧ 本ブログは、敢えて自己中で管理し、サービス精神は現在持っている他のブログで発揮するものとする。


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