No Neatpicking.



So yeah, this is me.

I reside in Japan for pretending to be a grad student purposes while being an interracial Ukrainian citizen with a mother being of Korean decent; although I do speak Ukrainian, I consider Russian my native language.

Yeah, I know. It gets lovely every time I get to introduce myself in Japanese especially with how they have a separate word for South Korea and for North Korea, but there is no really a good word for just Korea as a nation rooting from Korean peninsula, and so few people actually know what Ukraine is.

I (re)discovered sewing several months ago on my road to a better body image. Flipping through oh so many wonderful gorgeous magnificent sewing blogs, I mostly treated them as picture books for kids to trigger my sewing itch.

But then, just a couple days ago, I ran into The Selfish Seamstress (her fabulous waistelitious unfortunately probably abandoned blog, it is) and just could not stop reading. Apparently sewing blogs can be not just an eye treat but a damn good and inspiring read!

Thus my writing itch was triggered, so here I am. For now it is going to be  lot of talking to myself, but who knows! Being an intelligent beast I am, one day I might become an itch trigger for someone too.


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